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Master of Beauty

ModernLab has partnered with international brands and top level academy.


Not only product manufacturing, we can also introduce and take care your haircare brand into ASIA market. If you are looking for Professional training or organize a hair show, we will get you covered.

Please visit contact us page or use chat function if you have any inquiry.


Sale Channel

We have distributing channel among Asia such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Thai...etc which you can find the potential distributor in the specific area to open the new market for your brand. 

Professional Support

We are partnered with professional trainers in different area and top class technician and stylist, to support your brand and product in ASIA.


AsiaTopStylist has teamed up with the great mentor & stylist in the world. delivery of unique and integrated learning & hair show experience provided by the brilliant stylists and lecturers from the world. 

With AsiaTopStylist, you can have the best experience with different specialized area and budget. 

Whether you’re an aspiring stylist looking to enhance your experience or simply want to learn how to improve your personal skill, we've got you covered. 

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